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"A revolver is more than enough to eliminate any foe."
Typical Colors 2 description.

General Information


The EAA Windicator is a German revolver made by Weihrauch that appears to be a snub-nosed revolver.

In-game Information

The Windicator starting its damage fall-off has a one-shot capability upon a headshot at any range and on the body at closer ranges. The fairly fast rate of fire helps with quickly killing enemies. The reload time is very quick with the use of a speed loader to load the weapon.

However, the Windicator's drawbacks are the small 6-round capacity, despite the fast reload making up for the small magazine size, but the high spread as well. Combined with the somewhat fast rate of fire, spamming the Windicator results in the spread being very wide which forces players to get kills up-close.

Pros & Cons


  • High damage.
  • Fast rate of fire for a revolver.
  • Quick one second reload.
  • One shot on the head


  • Moderate spread upon continuous shots.
  • Small 6-round magazine size.



  • The Windicator uses the Stock Revolver's firing sounds from Team Fortress 2.
  • The Windicator model in Arsenal is taken from stock revolver in Typical Colors 2, used by the Agent class, albeit with a lack of rear sights.
    • It's also the Agent's in-game signature weapon in Arsenal, as well as Private Eye.
  • The Windicator, as of the Halloween Update, has the most balance changes made to it.
  • This type of revolver is a snub-nosed revolver, with any size of frame with a short barrel.

Audio (Outdated)


Weapon History

  • 11/27/18: Added into the Mega Update of Arsenal.
  • 06/05/19: Buffed to fasten the rate of fire.
  • 07/05/19: Buffed to lower the spread penalty.
  • 10/24/19: Buffed to lower the spread and fasten the rate of fire.
  • 11/27/19: The damage buffed to 65, max spread was nerfed to 30, and its ramp-up/spray was nerfed to 1.5.
  • 10/31/21: Added new firing and reloading sounds.